For over 10 years, we have helped companies. reach their financial and branding goals. Mantik is a values-driven consulting agency dedicated.

لأكثر من 10 سنوات ، قمنا بمساعدة الشركات. الوصول إلى أهدافهم المالية والعلامات التجارية. Mantik هي وكالة استشارية مدفوعة بالقيم مكرسة.

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main principles


Cost Reduction

Taking a “low cost” position wins in almost every industry as cost-responsible people can overcome their competitors by investing in areas such as Research and Development and marketing, while maintaining attractive margins. They can also get market share as they have a greater price flexibility.
We help our clients find where to make their money, where to reduce their cost and maintain their low-cost position to compete today as in the future.

We recognize that helping change an organization requires more than just a recommendation, so we try to put ourselves in the place of our clients and focus on practical procedures.

Business Validation

Regardless of the state of the economy or even the life cycle of the business, one of the keys to running a successful organization is to have a fully transparent knowledge about what the business does and doesn’t work well, so that the organization amplify opportunities and minimize risks.

We conduct 360-degree assessment of Key Stakeholder and analyze the following:

  • Organization documents & systems
  • Financial statements
  • Business procedures, applicable system, Business Model and value proposition.
  • Strategy in circulation
  • Performance and implementation audits
  • Audit of management and organizational structure
  • Preparation of a comprehensive report to address audit findings
  • We provide the option of increasing our engagement to ensure effective action on the issues highlighted in the report that require attention. matters highlighted in the report requiring attention are indeed actioned.
Innovation Strategy

Innovation is an essential element for economic and social growth. It helps increase productivity by generating new products, processes and services and reducing production costs.

We help our clients adopt innovation in their culture, build capacity and systematic approach to overcome the greatest challenges with innovation.

Innovation is not just how to build — it's not so much about the technology of creating a website for example— but it's a lot more about determining what to create and what new things we can devise that will restore value to our clients and their clients.

Communication Strategy

We support businesses to create a connected strategic system, to transform the casual relationship between customers and the company into continuous connected relationships that create more loyalty and communication that will bring higher profits resulting from high customer experience and improve operational efficiencies and enhance financial success.

Growth Strategy

Business development is easier said than done, as companies of all sizes face challenges to their growth.

We help our clients map out possible scenarios for their business growth and achieve their goal.
We will look for innovative ways to chart achievable, sustainable, and scalable growth strategies that depend on our clients’ ambitions for growth, opportunities and available resources. We benchmark with best practices and what similar companies have done to set themselves up for successful growth.

Performance Mangement

John Doerr said, “Ideas are easy, but their implementation is everything.”

Most organizations make a mistake of putting a disproportionate amount of focus on strategy and leaving no time and energy to the critical stage—implementation.
We help our clients focus not only on planning, but on implementing the strategy, by implementing the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) as an approach to implementing a better strategy. The power of OKRs translates strategy into a set of cultural practices and implementation processes that any organization or institution can adopt.

We help our clients avoid falling into the planning trap and connect and streamline objectives and follow up on their key results without depleting the organization’s vital resources, and develop clear guidelines for how to address the setting of OKRs and how long each phase will take.

We develop a system to track performance with clear guidelines for responsibilities to ensure clarity among employees at different levels of the organization and track progress at OKRs throughout the year.

Supply Chain, Operations and Management

It sounds rather obvious, but this point is often lost across barriers between different departments within the organization – and a gap is likely to occur more often when the Supply Chain is spread across multiple organizations.

With the end-consumer in mind, we help our clients build a more proactive and flexible comprehensive value flow that allows them to more control the workflow at any given time with easy customization without deteriorating working capital or operating margins.

We will help organizations increase alignment between jobs, department and clear governance models that make faster progress along with building a digital and practical strategy as a way to address operation problems and improve performance.

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