For over 10 years, we have helped companies. reach their financial and branding goals. Mantik is a values-driven consulting agency dedicated.

لأكثر من 10 سنوات ، قمنا بمساعدة الشركات. الوصول إلى أهدافهم المالية والعلامات التجارية. Mantik هي وكالة استشارية مدفوعة بالقيم مكرسة.

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Organization Design

In response to the accelerated rhythm of change imposed by the world of (VUCA) a term that symbolizes Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA), each organization needs to develop Organization Design capabilities, to be able to freely choose which aspects are more in line with the company’s identified strategy.

There is no correct model, but it is an endless effort of continuous improvement.

Operating Model

 The Operating Model that makes an enterprise capable of delivering high value to its stakeholders includes:

(1) Value Flow Process, basic management processes needed to create and deliver value.
(2) Equipment and technology for the efficient implementation of these basic operations
(3) Information systems for core operations. Support Operations to support the core processes, such as financial or Human Resources operations.

Business Model

We help build a unique Business Model for the organization, through a deliberately continuous innovation process, harnessing the power of technology to create a competitive advantage through improved operating models and operations so that profit margins improve, sales accelerate and the enterprise gets better overall results on the long term.

We help our clients work successfully in a highly competitive, and open business environment while maintaining continued success by:

  • Innovation in the business model
  • Innovation in revenue resources
  • Innovation in institutional building
Strategy Model

The essence of the strategy is to choose to perform activities differently from competitors.
It is the intermediate power between an organization and its environment: consistent patterns in the currents of organizational decisions to deal with the environment that is aimed at generating value and managing uncertainty.
Find your appropriate strategic place, where it meets customers’ needs.

Value Proposition

We help our clients evaluate new value propositions and seize appropriate opportunities by:

  • Build on existing value proposals and business models.
  • Leverage existing assets (sales, channels, brand, etc.).
  • Build portfolios of business models and value propositions

We guide implementation and propose ways and solutions to meet the challenges and success by:

  • Obtaining approval from senior management.
  • Access to available resources.
  • Management of repairments
  • Overcome risks.
  • Overcome inflexible and slow processes.
  • Significant achievements to stimulate the working environment
  • Professional risk management for innovators and professionals
Decision Making Process Design

Decision-making has never been easy. It is a challenge in a rapidly changing environment.
The importance of effective decision-making stems from the fact that the organization’s value is the sum of the decisions it takes and implements.
In an era of unprecedented changes and the circumstances of the digital revolutions, occurring in almost all areas, the pace of decision-making has taken on considerable speed and precision.

What We Do:
(1) Analyze the current organizational decision-making process, taking into consideration the characteristics of regulatory contexts, as well as organizational behavior and culture.

(2) Help our clients recognize and identify their most important decisions and design an effective decision-making process for organizational performance.

(3) Assist in building decision-making capabilities in the organization or institution that will lead to an institution that will make and implement the decision.

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